Preschool and Kinder Ready

Bethlehem Lutheran School offers preschool programs for children beginning at age three.

Preschool 3

Preschool 3 meets two mornings a week. The goal is to transition children into a structured environment surrounded by children of a similar age. Growth and learning in sharing, playing together, verbal skills, and problem solving will all be part of the day.

Preschool 4

Preschool 4 meets three mornings a week which allows for more hours surrounded by peers in an environment that encourages social and emotional growth. Students begin formal academic learning of letters, phonics, numbers, and math skills.

Kinder Ready

Kinder Ready meets every afternoon. Kinder Ready is designed for children who have a birth date which makes them ineligible for Kindergarten but who are ready for more academic learning in their day. It is also appropriate for the child who needs another year of maturity before beginning Kindergarten.

Kindergarten-Eighth Grade

Kindergarten-Eighth Grade
Kindergarten is an all-day program. This school experience allows children to bond with teachers and peers while developing strong beginning reading and math reasoning skills.

The curriculum of Bethlehem is designed to ensure that children receive a quality education in a Christ-Centered environment. The curriculum fulfills the standards of our charter with the state of Ohio using a variety of publishing resources.  Religion is integrated throughout our school day drawing from the Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism.

Bethlehem offers a strong academic education in Math, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies. Our educational plan is built with academics being the highest priority. Yet, in ministering to the growth of the whole child, we include co-curricular and student-support programs such as Religion, Health, Art, Music, Band, Physical Education, Life Skills, and Library as a regular part of the school week. Each student is provided with a Chromebook or iPad to be used in various subjects as appropriate.